The first Propeller Club was ideated in New York 1922 when some business men engaged  in maritime activities, from industry to commerce, began to meet during breakfast to discuss the problems due to the development of shipping. By the end of world war I. the government of the United States decided to sell a considerable  number of shipping vessels, now available, even to private companies and so the problem was, how to make the best of them.


The initial circle of friends, which decided to meet periodically, soon became larger and yet in 1923 was founded an association with the name Propeller Club Port of New York.

The name Propeller was elected because it seemed to transfer at the best the idea of an enforced impulse, which the members wanted to give the maritime activities.

Soon a group of persons with similar intentions began to meet in Boston, and asked the Club in New York for the authorisation to use the same name Propeller, to qualify their own activity  of promotion and development. Once received the official authorisation the Club of Boston was integrated 1927 into the club of New York and so the Propeller Club of the United States was founded.

Immediately after this another club was founded in New Orleans, while a group of students founded the Student Port at the University of Yale.


The first meeting of these four initial clubs took place at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. During this meeting was prepared the basis to give a homogenous structure for all the clubs already existing and to create a real own statute. The main goal was described as follows: "To promote, further and support merchant marine, transportations and communications, to promote commerce, public relations and cultural exchanges". In 1929 two other clubs were founded in Tampa, Florida and Seattle.


              The first club in Europe was created 1932 in Hamburg, Germany, but in reality it was an association founded by American citizens, that treated with shipping in this country. But a few years later other clubs were founded in Europe following its example.

In 1932 was created in Italy the Port of Genoa: the 18th in the world.

In Leghorn the Propeller Club Port of Leghorn was born in 1978, the fifth club in Italy after Genoa, Milan, Neaples and Venice.

       The club in Leghorn  had always focused its activity in promotion and was always in expansion till it reached in 2002 the number of about 100 members, which are all bounded with their  professions  to the sea and maritime activities.

Recently  (in April 2001) was founded a section on Elba separated from the Club of Leghorn with 15 members.

Since its  foundation there were the following presidents of the Club of Leghorn:


- Ugo Vincenzini (1978-1981)

- Sergio Giani (1981-1993)

- Giuliano Corsini (1993-1999)

- Amerigo Cafferata (1999-2002)


The Propeller Club of Leghorn has an own independent seat in the Maritime Port, which facilitates the various activities of the club and which is an important place to meet for its members and for those belonging to the other clubs, which are by the way in Leghorn. The secretariat is opened all days from 10.00 a.m. to 12.00, except on Saturday.


We are very pleased to offer all the members of the Italian and foreign Propeller Clubs our services. You can contact us under the following address:



Propeller Club Port of Leghorn

Calata Carrara - Stazione Marittima

57123 Livorno

Tel. e Fax 0586 829344

E-mail  intpropclubli@infinito.it